Child Stolen from Hospital, Mumbai

A woman stole child from hospital. The child was with Durga when an unknown woman them. The unknown woman started being friendly with Durga, and when she was filling the hospital form the unknown woman offered a helping hand by taking care of the kid and within fraction of seconds flew away with the kid. Police is investigating further in the case by making sketch of the unknown woman but such cases of kidnapping is rising high.



500 crore allocated by State Gov. for Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Metro Project

In the assembly session rupees 500 crore is allocated by State Gov. for Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Project. Last year 50 crore was allocated for the same. This project is being undertaken to solve the traffic problems.


Saree Chor gang caught in CCTV, Surat

A gang that used to stole saree from factories are caught in CCTV Camera. They stole sarees from three different factories and on the basis of CCTV footage the police was successful in nabbing them. Police has captured a car and two bikes with a total of 3.5 lakh rupees. Total 8 accused are caught.


6 year old Girl kidnapped and burned by Unknown Woman, Dehgam

A 6 year old was kidnapped and then burned to death. A unknown woman aged approximately 25, approached Dhruvi in school during school hours and pretended to be her aunt and has come to take her to doctor. Later when her mother came to take Dhruvi she learnt that her daughter was kidnapped following which she lodged a complain.
Later Dhruvi’s dead body was found from at Sabarkantha. This incident has raised many questions as to why she was kidnapped and then murdered and why she was burnt.
Police with the help of the teacher prepared a sketch of that woman. The incident has shaken everyone.


Cabinet Approves Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act

The Central Cabinet approved the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill to increase penalties on breaking of traffic rules. If a driver will cross red signal he/she will be fined 500/- when previously the fine was 100/-. If someone will break the rules repeatedly then he can be sent to jail.
In order to check use of mobile phones while driving, the first offense would invite a fine of Rs.500 and the second between Rs.2,000 and 5,000. Seat belt and helmet violators will also be fined by 500/-. Those vehicles without registration will be fine 10,000/-


Husband demands Divorce as Wife get Spectacles, Surat

Pooja Idanwala got spectacles after her marriage; because of this her husband has not demanded a divorce from her. According to the woman she got her vision weak after fever and as her number increased her husband abused her by saying her blind and demanded a divorce. She further said that after 15 days of marriage her husband’s behavior changed and he started demanding money and her father’s factory.

Pooja Idanwala married to Rinkesh Idanwala of Surat itself. Her parent claims that the entire issue is of dowry and that spectacles are just excuse.

At first when Rinkesh demanded his father-in-law’s factory they tried to sort out things by mutual understanding. But Rinkesh started to look for another bride for him following this Pooja lodged a police complain against him. She lodged complain of dowry, physical and mental torture as well as divorce because of spectacles, at the women police station of Umra in Surat.


Youths are cheated by Friendship Club Advertisements, Ahmedabad

Friendship Clubs give advertisements in newspapers and internet. A youth was lured with such advertisement. With first call he paid 20 thousand rupees and when he called next they demanded 50,000 rupees.
Tv9 Team did a sting operation on such club and busted how these clubs cheat people.


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