Tirumala Trust planning to restrict 40,000 devotees per day

Following heavy crowd of devotees in Tirupathi Balaji Temple, the Tirumala Trust has decided to restrict the number of people to 40,000 in order to avoid any unfortunate incident. Because huge number of crowd also has a high risk of an ordeal. The crowd gets huge specially at times of festivals. Hence the trust has decided to restrict the people and the plan can be implied within 6 months. However, the restriction is applicable to common people only and is not applicable to the VIPs which can lead to further controversies.



People switch to Herbal Colors in this Holi, Ahmedabad

People are buying Herbal Colors to avoid skin problems. Chemical colors lead to skin allergies. In ancient times people used to celebrate holi with herbal colors but as time passed the chemical colors overtook the market. But with time these colors also proved harmful for one’s skin and now people are aware of the side effects of these colors hence, they are turning towards herbal colors.


Market flooded with Chinese and cartoon Pichkaris, Ahmedabad

On the occasion of Holi markets are filled with dragon gun, umbrella gun, air gun, mickey moue and many other. 70 – 80% market is filled with Chinese Holi guns. These pichkaris are sold in high rates.


Former Home Guard Jawan climbed AIR tower demanding his Duty Back, Andhra Pradesh

A home guard was suspended from his duty giving various reasons in 2010. Following this he climbed the AIR Tower demanding his job back. He was suspended from his job alongwith 700 other home guards in 2010. He climbed the tower in protest of this suspension. He demands his job back. Last year as well he climbed a tower in protest.


Girl appeared for board exams despite painful treatment of Limb lengthening, Ahmedabad

Karishma is undergoing treatment of limb lengthening as her height is 3 feet. Following this treatment springs are kept in her legs. Her height has increased upto 16 inch. She cannot mold her legs or sit constantly for 3 hours because of these springs, hence her parents were also present to help her.
On the other hand a student who faced accident recently is appearing the board exam with a writer.
In yet another case a Saint of Swaminarayan temple is also appearing his board exam in order to study Sanskrit.


State Congress to Meet PM regarding Ban on Cotton Export, Gandhinagar

Protest and agitation has been triggered after ban on Cotton export is declared. Regarding this Gujarat congress leaders have decided to move to Delhi to meet Prime Minister. Arjun Modhwadia said that he will meet PM in delhi on Monday.

Moreover farmers are protesting this decision as by this they will incur huge financial loss. Experts says that this could lead to worse condition and farmers may end up committing suicides so better the ban should be removed as soon as possible.

Ginning mill owners of the state have declared mass strike on 7th and 8th march.


Glass Piece Found in Sealed Injection Medicine, Veraval

A glass piece was found from the medicine that was to be injected in a patient. The patient was admitted following a fracture. for which he was to be injected an anti biotic. The bottle was sealed and was made in a pharmaceutical company of Ahmedabad and its marketing is done by Veraval’s Navnidhi Life Science. However, the marketing company blames producing company for this ordeal.Fortunately, no harm was done but such irresponsibility can lead to major consequences.


Biker Gang Active once again in City, Ahmedabad

A gang used to break car’s glasses is active in the city. They used to come out in the dark and break the glass. The gang has broken glasses of 7-8 cars in a single night.
One such victim, Sanjay Patel when saw his car mirrors broken, approached the gang and was successful in nabbing one accused whom he later handed to the police. Police is interrogating the accused to nab his gang members.


Ban on Cotton Export puts Ginning Mill Owners and Labors in Trouble, Amreli

Amreli is considered a hub of cotton production, 70% agricultural land is used in producing cotton in Amreli. As a result of this there are more than 60 ginning mills which makes a turn over of more than 3 thousand crores annually. It is likely that the ginning mills can shut down following the ban on cotton export. Farmers as well as the industry will face severe consequences because of this sudden decision.


4th Day of Resident Doctors Strikes increases Problem of Patients, Ahmedabad

Resident Doctors of Civil Hospital continues their strike on fourth day as well. This has put patients in problematic situations.


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