Akhilesh Yadav Youngest CM of Uttar Pradesh

Akhilesh Yadav, son of Mulayam Singh Yadav, is youngest Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. At 38 he has been selected as CM which is and inspiration for many youngsters. He won Loksabha elections for 3 years. In the UP Vidhansabha Election he went to common people while campaigning and which proved him to be the real hero by managing 224 out of 403 seats for Samajwadi Party.

Akhilesh Yadav has studied B.E., M.E. Educated at University of Mysore, Mysore. He has also involved in many environmental projects.



Girl wanted to attend sister’s wedding reached Police Station, Ahmedabad

A girl who wanted to attend her sister’s wedding in Uttar Pradesh cooked up story and landed in police station. She was brought to Ahmedabad by Niyaz Khan from UP whose in-laws are from there and he girls mother was a maid at their house. She allegedly went away from Niyaz’s house without informing anyone to go to her native place. But fortunately she landed in hands of citizens who handed her over to Vejalpur Police station. Police has talked to her mother who will come to Ahmedabad within short time to take her daughter away.


Farmer attacked by Lion, escaped death, Amreli

A farmer while watering his farm was attacked by a lioness and lion. It was a close call for the farmer who was dragged by the lioness. But fortunately he was saved as he gave a good fight to the lioness. This was the second attack by lioness in 48 hours. Before this the lioness attacked two goats and a cow and now following this attack on farmer the villagers have appealed to forest department for quick action.


Live Robbery in Temple captured in CCTV in Kalyan, Mumbai

Thieves were captured in CCTV Camera while stealing the donation box and ornaments of God. This is not the first time they have robbed three temples prior to this as well. But police has not yet succeeded in nabbing these thieves.


India’s First Robotic Operation done Successfully, Nadiad

Robotic Operation of Bladder Cancer was practiced for the very first time in India at the Kidney Hospital of Nadiad. The entire operation was done by a single doctor and an attendant.
Last week a Kutch resident named Ibrahimbhai was operated for bladder cancer at the kidney hospital of Nadiad, Kheda. Ibrahimbhai was suffering from this cancer since a long time and was not able to get proper medication. One of his friends advised him to visit this hospital and at the same a robotic machine was also brought in the hospital to cater robotic surgery. He is the first patient to be operated with a robotic machine and he recovered within 7 days instead of 15 days after the surgery.
In the previous time when this surgery was done a cut was made on the stomach of the patient and then he/she was operated with hands. But now with this robotic surgery only four holes are made and the entire surgery is done by the robotic hand.
This kind of operation is very painful for the patient and is done at one or two places of world. But now doctors are claiming that this operation is first of its kind not only in India but in Asia. They also say that these kinds of operations are very difficult but now robotic system has eased it.
It is likely that after Nadiad Kidney Hospital, many other hospitals will also start practicing this robotic operation. When such inventions are affordable to common people then they will prove as blessings in real sense.


Export Leads to Increase in Rates of Groundnut Oil, Rajkot

Rates of Groundnut oil is increasing by each passing day. In last 10 days the rates are hiked by 30 rupees. Because of this increasing rates many people who used to store bulk boxes has started buying single single boxes.
Merchants believe that this increased rates are result of export of groundnut seeds. Apart from this there is also an increase in cotton seed oil.


State Ginning Mills on Strike in Protest of Ban on Cotton Export

Ginning Mills owners are on an indefinite strike in protest of ban on cotton export. Market yards also joined them following which auction of cotton was also stopped. On the other hand BJP has accused Congress for making blockages in the development.


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