Nupur Mehta Denies involvement in match-fixing

Nupur Mehta confirmed that the picture in newspapers and TV channels was hers, but denied any link with the match-fixing controversy. The actress also threatened to sue the UK newspaper for using her photograph without her knowledge.



Watch Various unseen moods of Madhuri Dixit


Pigeons can be threats to Human Life, Mumbai

A man, Bipin, died because of continuous coughing which was caused due to the droppings and feathers of pigeons. Another woman also suffered the same problem which is the result of a nearby dovecote.
Experts says that people should be very careful by this as this disease is not detected in the initial stage. This dry coughing can be caused by the birds around us with their droppings and feathers.


Baroda Dairy Milk Distributor on Indefinite Strike, Vadodara

Clash between administrators and distributors of Baroda Dairy leads to an indefinite strike of distributors. The distributors are opposing new system implemented by the administrators. On the other hand operators of the dairy said that nothing of a strike is going to happen and if it will then they will leave no stone unturned to make milk available to the people.


Congress leaders and workers detained during Protest Rally, Ahmedabad

In order to protest the suspension of opposition leader Shakti Singh Gohil, from Gujarat Assembly, congress party arranged a Maha rally. The rally was to be started from Gandhi Ashram after offering prayers. And suddenly they decided to take the rally towards Gandhinagar. The moment rally begins police started detaining workers and leaders.

Congress leaders, Shankar Singh Vaghela and Arjun Modhvadiya alongwith other party workers were detained. The aggression of Congress party regarding the suspension of Shakti Singh Gohil was seen at Sabarmati Ashram.

Party workers from the entire state had come here for the rally. Everything was going according to the plan. The congress leaders were condemning state government and Narendra Modi. Arjun Modhvadiya completed his speech and congress workers demanded to end their rally in Gandhinagar. The moment rally turned towards Gandhinagar police started stopping them. And then they started detaining one worker after the other.

BJP condemned this step of congress and Congress raises questions against police working. This detention reached the Assemble House. When asked why the rally was catered despite of not getting a permission, Arjun Modhvadiya in a telephonic conversation said that, ‘we were going their as members of assembly and police forced us. As of now Shakti Singh suspension matter has heated more.


9 of a family attempts suicide by consuming poison, Gandhinagar

9 members of a family attempted suicide by consuming poisonous medicine. But before the poison could spread all over the body they were taken to hospital and all were saved. The reason behind this step was defamation. Before sometime a man in their village died mysteriously for which everyone blamed this family. Hence, not able to take insult they attempted suicide. Police is investigating further in the case.


Leopard in House, Dies while Rescue Operation, Surat

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Two Factory workers died while cleaning tank due to suffocation, Vadodara

Two workers of S A Pharma Company went in a tank to clean it up. But because of gas suffocation they died. Incidentally, after half and hour everybody came to know that they were unconscious. After this they were shifter to hospital where the were declared brought dead. After this incident many question arises on the security of the company. The actual reason will be known after Post Mortem reports.


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