In order to protest the suspension of opposition leader Shakti Singh Gohil, from Gujarat Assembly, congress party arranged a Maha rally. The rally was to be started from Gandhi Ashram after offering prayers. And suddenly they decided to take the rally towards Gandhinagar. The moment rally begins police started detaining workers and leaders.

Congress leaders, Shankar Singh Vaghela and Arjun Modhvadiya alongwith other party workers were detained. The aggression of Congress party regarding the suspension of Shakti Singh Gohil was seen at Sabarmati Ashram.

Party workers from the entire state had come here for the rally. Everything was going according to the plan. The congress leaders were condemning state government and Narendra Modi. Arjun Modhvadiya completed his speech and congress workers demanded to end their rally in Gandhinagar. The moment rally turned towards Gandhinagar police started stopping them. And then they started detaining one worker after the other.

BJP condemned this step of congress and Congress raises questions against police working. This detention reached the Assemble House. When asked why the rally was catered despite of not getting a permission, Arjun Modhvadiya in a telephonic conversation said that, ‘we were going their as members of assembly and police forced us. As of now Shakti Singh suspension matter has heated more.