Continuous 5th day of Medical Teacher’s Strike, Ahmedabad

On fifth day of Medical Teacher’s Strike the condition of patients found more worse. As a result of the strike the operations of patients are only getting more delayed. DNB urology exam in BJ Medical College & MCI inspection & PG medical exam in Bhavnagar Medical College postponed due to doctor’s strike.



Now Camel Milk will also be availbale easily, Kutch Part 2

Gujarat will soon get a Dairy for Camel’s milk in Kutch District. A local Union of camel breeders Kutch Unt Uchher Maldhari Sangathan (KUUMS) and a Kutch based NGO Sahjeevan have had made this proposal to government regarding which provision is made in Budget 2012-13 by Government.

Camel milk has nutritional and clinical significance as well. In Anand University research is being conducted on milk of camel. Recently experiment was made on rat which concluded that the milk helps reducing the glucose level as it contains a protein called insulin which encounters diabetes.


As Swine Flu hits back Vadodra Hospital ready to fight it

SSG Hospital of Vadodara has prepared a special ward as Swine has approached neighboring states. Ventilator and oxygen facilities are developed and medicines are also stocked to cure and give treatment in case of any swine flu cases detected in the city.


Gujarat to have first camel milk dairy in Kutch soon, Part 1

Gujarat will soon get a Dairy for Camel’s milk in Kutch District. A local Union of camel breeders Kutch Unt Uchher Maldhari Sangathan (KUUMS) and a Kutch based NGO Sahjeevan have had made this proposal to government regarding which provision is made in Budget 2012-13 by Government.

There was a time when Kutch had 35,000 camels but with the passing time it decrease to only 8,000. Maldharis used to earn by selling male camels but with the increasing transportation means their income also decrease. Hence this would be alternative income source for Maldharis.

Ramesh Bhatti coordinator of NGO Sahjeevan says that a dairy center will encourage Maldharis to breed camels.


Rumors of child kidnapping creates chaos, Ahmedabad

People and police started running helter-skelter when rumors spread of somebody kidnapping children. The incident took place in Piplaj area where everyone started running in the forest searching the kidnappers. They said that some woman wearing a veil used to abduct children. Police and residents searched everywhere and found that the person had left the veil behind and ran away.
On the other hand there were rumors that child thief gang is active in Bapunagar that scared parents. 9 year old Shamina Parveen accused that some unknown person tried to abduct her in car and that there were other kids were also there in the car. However, nothing was found on investigating the areas hence, police said that it was rumor and nothing else. Such is the situation now that if kids are are out for playing for a little more time and are mot found parents contact police out of fear and such incidents turns out to be a rumor


Girl assaulted by Aunt, Now denies says she sustained injuries by falling, Ahmedabad

A day before that is on Sunday Neeta said on Tv9 Camera that she got these bruises and marks on her body and face as she was beaten up by her aunt. She was rescued by her neighbor and was admitted to hospital.

The matter took a u turn when Neeta told her father that she got wounds by falling. Her father is not willing to believe that his own sister is responsible for the miserable condition of her daughter.

Tv9 probed in the matter and it is revealed that from last six months Neeta is going through this mental and physical torture. Her father is a constable but is not regular on duty from last three months and spend his life in drunk condition. Even after seeing her daughter bruised, broken and swollen he does not want to take her back from his sister’s house. As Neeta changed her statement it could be said that it might be under pressure or fear. Like this many unanswered questions are there. However good news is that her cousin watched the report on Tv9 and is ready to keep her sister with him.


Ra.One Animator Met Accident, Mumbai

Ra.One animator, Charu Khandal, met with an accident when she was returning home from a restaurant. She was returning with her sister and friend after having dinner. Their auto rickshaw was banged by a Honda City car. The car driver, Manoj Netrapal, was drunk. Charu is admitted in ICU at Kokilaben Hospital.
However, despite of being drunk, the police released him on bail for 5,000/- rupees. Her father accused police of being ignorant.
Recently Charu worked in Ra.One and also received National award for her work.


No Space in Leopard Jail, Junagadh

So many man-eater leopards are found with every passing day that now there is no room for more leopards in their jail . As a result the forest department has to build more cages in Sakkarbaug Zoo and Sasan Animal Center.
Forest Department arranges special cages to catch the man-eater leopards and also organizes trackers with which it is able to differentiate man-eater leopards from the other. And the officials tries to keep these leopards permanently in the zoo itself. Hence process of making new cages have been started.


Maharashtra ATS Killed one and nabbed two accused of Ahmedabad Blast, Aurangabad

A suspect in the 2008 Ahmedabad blasts was killed and two of his accomplices arrested in an encounter with Maharashtra ATS on Monday 26th march 2012.

The deceased has been identified as Khaleel, the two arrested are identified as Mohammed Abrar and Mohammed Shabbir.

Acting on tip off ATS reached Himayat baugh of Aurangabad where these three suspects were there.

The Trio opened fire on the ATS first which left a constable wounded. ATS retaliated with them and gunned down Khaleel Khilji.

The trio was also wanted in two other cases in Madhya Pradesh. One of the two arrested was also involved in the murder of a BJP activist.

Ahmedabad was rocked by serial blast on 26th July 2008 which killed 56 people and over 200 were injured.


HC gives notice to NID for termination of female professor, Ahmedabad

Gujarat High Court sends notice to NID after its female Associated Professor filed a petition that her contract was terminated apparently because she had filed a sexual harassment case against a colleague. She accused a campus warden for misbehaving with her.
Court has asked NID to give answers till 14th April, and has given stay orders against emptying the professor’s campus quarters till the hearing.
In last two years two cases of physical assault has come into light at NID.


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