10 year old boy on last stage of cancer lived his dream of becoming police officer, Ahmedabad

10 year old Aniket Parmar was appointed as ACP of Ahmedabad yeaterday on Tuesday. One must be surprised after hearing this but it has happened indeed.

Aniket is suffering from cancer and is on last stage. His last wish before death was to become a police officer. To make his dream realize a foundation came foreword and put his wish to Ahmadabad Police. Commissioner of Police readily got agreed to make his wish come true.

Aniket wore Police Uniform and being seated in the cabin he also lodged complaints. By doing this he lived his dream. He received salute of honor from Police department. Ahmedabad got his one day little Police Commissioner.


Jewelers protesting Excise Duty Lathi charged, Ahmedabad

Strike of Jewelers is becoming more intense with the passing days. As the government is not paying heed to their demands they are staging protest in every possible manner they can.

Today on S.G Highway at ISCON Arcade, Jewelers Association stage protest by doing Chakkajam. Nearly 700 blocked the road by lying down. They also set ablaze wheels by shouting slogan against Government. Police reached the spot as soon as they came to know about the incident. To control the crowd police charged lathi on them and detained 3-4 people.

Police already knew about the protest a day before therefore it deployed its officer at different places.

Jewelers are on strike from last 15 days demanding rollback of excise duty on Jeweleries.


5 coach of a train got derailed, no death or injury reported, Bhuj

Near Bhuj railway station a train got derailed today. At 10:30 am Bhuj-Bareli train reached Bhuj railway station but instead of stopping there it moved ahead due to some technical fault. Engine of the train along with four coaches got derailed from the track and entered residential areas. The coaches which got derailed contained 30 passengers but fortunately no injury or death is reported.

Railway officers and Police reached the spot after the accident took place.


Cruel mother deserted her own child as he is physically abnormal

Sonal deserted her three week child Jay and has not seen his face since three years. When her child was born it was found that the child does not have path of excretion. Due to this Physical abnormalities Sonal deserted her very own child. From last three years Jay is living with his grandmother. Jay can not speak as well.

His Grandmother Shakuntla from last three years is trying to convince Sonal but her heart does not melt.

Agressive Protest of Jewelers against Excise Duty across Gujarat

Protest of Jewelers has become more intense with passing days especially it is seen in Gujarat State. Major cities of state like Ahmedabad, Vadodra, Rajkot, Surat, Navsari, Junagadh are actively participating in agitation. They are shouting slogan against Government and want government to roll back excise duty on Jewelery


Gang of thieves stole away ATM machine, Ahmedabad

A gang of thieves stole and ran away with an entire ATM machine from Maninagar last night on Monday. . The machine contained Rs 21.83 lakh cash. They also attempted to steal the other ATM machine but due to some reason they failed to do that.

Police immediately reached the spot and has started probing in the matter. But it would be difficult for them as the SBI ATM kiosk do not have CCTV camera and there was no security guard as well.


Watch how two sparrows survived after getting stuck inside street light, Rajkot

Rajkot Corporation befitted street light which became a trouble for two sparrows. After Tv9 team’s efforts the sparrows were saved.

Last night a street light was fixed at the Bhavnagar Road of Rajkot. The person who fixed the glass on the light did not realize that two sparrows were there in the light. He befitted the glass on the light and went away. It was after the light was turned on that the sparrows tried hard to come out of the light, but failed. The whole nigh lights were turned on and sparrows were yearning inside it. When in the morning the residents saw the tapped sparrows they informed the officials. But according to the resident the officials did not cared to take action. It was only when the people informed Tv9 about the entire incident that Tv9 contacted the Mayor to do the needful.

After Tv9 reporter called them the hydraulic crane of light department of corporation reached the spot. Our cameraman risked his life and took part in this rescue operation by completing the risky camera work of rescuing the sparrow and shifting it in safe place. The officials with great pain rescued the two sparrows from the street light.

Residents say that when they informed the officials, nobody came to rescue the sparrows and when Tv9 team reached the spot they came forward to rescue the birds. People also thanked Tv9’s team in order to help saving the sparrows.

On one hand the mayor of Rajkot is distributing sparrow nests to save the bird. Then who is responsible for such incidents and demands are rising to take step against the responsible person. Though the incident is small but it is an irresponsible act on part of the person who fixed the light.


Wife of Actor Hemant Birje lodges Complain of Assault against him

Actor Hemant Birje’s wife on Sunday filed a non-cognizable complaint against him at Oshiwara police station, alleging that the actor had assaulted her. The police said that they went to Birje’s residence in Andheri (west) to inquire, but he was not at home. Hemant Birje had acted in the film Tarzan.
Actor Hemant Birje also popularly known as Tarzan is having hard time as Police is in search of Him. His wife Shweta has lodged assault complain against him. She has complained that Birje came home drunk and abused their daughter. Birje assaulted her when the wife tried to intervene.

When Police reached his home to arrest him he was not there.


14 Pakistani Fishermen held in Jamnagar

14 Pakistani fishermen were caught and their two boats-Al Osama and Al Razak- seized by Indian Coast Guard from Jamnagar on Sunday.

These 14 Pakistani fishermen have been handed over to Okha Police.


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