CM Narendra Modi claims that Gujarat’s Business are dragged to Maharashtra

Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, blames opposition party for dragging major business of Gujarat state in Maharashtra. He also said that the decision on cotton is against farmers and that Central Government’s sole concern is to save the mills. On the other had opposition leader Shakti Singh Gohil blamed State Government in the issue of oil.


Celebration of Lavani with Sunil Shetty, Mumbai

Lavani Mahotsav was organized which is very popular music genre in Mumbai. On this occasion actor Sunil Shetty and renowned singer of Lavani, Mangal Kudalkar were also present.


State Chief Polcie Officer gives Guidelines towards Security of ATM Mahines, Ahmedabad

After increased number of ATM machine thefts the chief police officer of state, Chitranjan Singh, has given a guideline towards the security of ATM machines and centers.
Singh called a meeting with the SBI Bank officers in which the official various factors that are making machine theft easy. After the meeting police announced the guideline in which it mentioned that there shoot be hooter and sirens in the ATM center, machine should be fixed deep inside, security guard should be on duty during night and there should also be CCTV Cameras outside the center as well.
Hence if such things will be kept in mind that chances of ATM machine theft will lessen to great extend.


Youth Nabbed for Snatching Chains of Females Passengers in Local Train, Mumbai

Anil was nabbed for snatching gold chains and ornaments of women who traveled in local trains. He used to target only such females who wore gold chains or mangalsutras and then use to snatch their ornaments.


Jeweler’s Strike affected immitation jewellery of Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai

Due to the jeweler’s strike since the 17th date of March, Zaveri Bazar has suffered great loss. The loss is not limited to gold and silver merchants only but has affected those dealing in imitation jewellery. No customer is seen in the market because of the strike and this has affected the 150 imitation jewellery shops in Zaveri Bazar. There are more than 400 imitation jewellery merchants in Mumbai who are facing lakhs of loss because of the strike.


Fake Tantrik Nabbed for cheating many people, Jalgaon

Jalgaon LCB nabbed duplicate tantrik who fooled around people by doubling their money. He mainly trapped females from whom he used to get money promising to solve their household troubles. One such woman was trapped in his false promises from whom the fake tantrik earned 26 lakh rupees. Apart from Jalgaon he has cheated many in Mumbai, Nasik and Ahmedanagar. Till now he has managed to make property worth more than one crore rupees.


Stolen SBI ATM found from closed house alongwith the money, Ahmedabad

A gang of thieves stole and ran away with an entire ATM machine from Maninagar on Monday. . The machine contained Rs 21.83 lakh cash. They also attempted to steal the other ATM machine but due to some reason they failed to do that.

Police immediately reached the spot and has started probing in the matter.

On Wednesday police was successful in finding the stolen ATM. SOG found the ATM in a chawl of Khokhra. It was surprising that when machine was opened it contained the cash which it had. Due to some reason thieves could not open it.

On Investigation it has surfaced that the house is of Girish Namdar and Umashankar patel used to live in the house on rent. But this house was in closed condition from long period. Police is further probing in the matter.


Dismissed Constable got justice after 22 years, Nadiad

Jasubhai Parmar was dismissed in 1990 for remaining absent without informing. Hence he was dismissed on this ground and applying two more charges. Jasubhai filed a petition in lower court fro 1990-2010 and in 2010 High Court gave stay orders on his dismissal. But even after that the officials did not pay attention to the stay orders. Jasubhai filed a petition once again in High Court and after two years he got justice. Hence he fought for his right for 22 years and now he claims that he was kept away from all benefits. After 22 years he is worried about all the benefits which he missed.


Ex Deputy Chief of Army on Junagadh Visit

Lt. General, Niranjan Sungh Malik was in Junagadh recently. He discussed various things about the on going clash between Indian Government and Army. He also raised questions on the age of V K Singh and slow work of Indian Government.
Importantly he talked about the capability of the army at time of war and when problem can be raised.


Diamond Thief nabbed after 28 years, Mumbai

Diamond thief who was absconding since last 28 years is finally nabbed by Dharavi police. Incidentally he was nabbed by the same police officer who caught him in year 1980.


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