Man made record by rotating hands clockwise and anti clockwise at one time, Vadodara

Rupesh Raj can rotate both his hands clockwise and anti clockwise at the same time. He rotated his hands 220 time in one minute and thus broke his own record at the Guinness Book of World Records.
Prior to this he participated in India Todega Guinness Book of World Records.
He has named this act as Reverse Dance. Professionally Rupesh Raj is a dancer and he was specially invited to Rome where the program was organized.
Now Reupes wants to make a new record by rotating 6 parts of the body in the similar manner.


Live Robbery in car captured in CCTV, Nagpur

Thieves have become active in Nagpur. One theft was captured in CCTV camera live. Thieves stole a bag from a parked car whose driver was sitting in it only. One among the three thieves threw some money on road and asked whether they belonged to the driver. Luring by money the driver came down from his car and started collecting the money. By the time he collected the money, thief took away a bag from the car. The thieves did not knew that the entire act was recorded in the CCTV Camera. Incidentally, no action has yet taken against the thieves.


Kids are thrown in air following belief, Bagalkot

On the occasion of Digumbeshwara’s fair kids are thrown in name of belief. During this the kids are thrown from 8 – 10 feet. They are as part of tradition. First the kids are sent to the cart that carries the lord in order to worship the lord after which kids are thrown back.40 such kids were thrown. The fair is organize in Bagalkot of Karnataka.


Hanuman Shobha Yatra before one day of Hanuman Jayanti, Ahmedabad

This temple in Ahmedabad is the only temple in India that caters a Shobha Yatra of Hanumanji before one day of his birthday. It is said that Hanuman is son of Wind God which is located 14 kilometers away from the Hanuman Temple. Devotees believes that before one day Hanumanji goes to seek blessings of his father.


Superstition leads people to pierce needles in body, Jamnagar

Panguini Uthiram festival is one of the important festivals of Tamil Hindus which was seen celebrated in Jamnagar. A procession was carried out in which devotees were seen with needled pierced in their body parts. Not only men but women also were spotted doing this.

It is a tend day festival on last day of festival processions carried out.


4.80 lakh flats empty yet people struggles for roof, Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are total 4.80 lakh flats which are empty but still people are struggling really hard int he city to get a roof on their head. The flat owners awaits hike in prices so that they can get better returns by selling these flats.
Talking about the entire Maharashtra, then there are 37 lakh empty flats in the state. In Pune there are 5.78 lakh, in Thane there are 5.42 lakh, Mumbai has a total of 4.80 lakh, in Nasik there are 2 lakh flats and in Nagpur there are 1.20 lakh flats.
So many flats yet people cannot afford to buy them as builders are waiting for price hikes in housing.


DNA Test of Shaheeda & Bhoomi does not Match, Ahmedabad

DNA of abandoned Bhumi who was found from Janmbhumi Express in Ahmedabad does not match with Shaheeda who claimed to be her mother.
A 6 page report have come which claims that DNA reports of Bhumi and Shaheeda does not match. 16 different tests were done on their blood samples which came negative.
A 7-month-old girl was found abandoned in Janmabhoomi Express on Wednesday, 28th March.
At Ahmedabad railway station, in S-1 coach a seven month old girl was lying alone in the coach which caught attention of the cleaners. The child was handed over to the railway staff who immediately reported the matter to Railway Protection Force (RPF).
She was taken to the Civil Hospital for medical examination. Later, she was produced before metropolitan magistrate D M Patel, who directed that the girl be sent to Mahipatram Rupram Ashram, a local orphanage. The girl is named as Bhumi as she was found from Janmbhumi Train.
On Friday 30th March , Manger of the Ashram received a phone call claiming that they are parents of Bhumi. A woman from Mumbai named Shaheeda claimed that Bhumi is her daughter. She claimed that her daughter is missing since one month and after she saw news of Bhumi on news channel the girl resembled like her daughter Fatima.
She alleged that her husband Yaseen took her daughter away after they had fight.
Shaheeda came to Ahmadabad and her blood sample was sent to FSL for DNA analysis. The report has now come which states that its negative which means Shaheeda is not mother of Bhumi.


Shaheeda wants her husband’s DNA to be tested, Mumbai

As the DNA report of Shaheeda did not match with Bhoomi, she asks to find her husband and take his DNA test. Shaheeda claimed to be the mother of abandoned baby, Bhoomi. As a result, Shaheeda who is basically from Mumbai came to Ahmedabad and did a DNA test. Forensic Science Laboratory catered 16 types of test and the results were negative.

Shaheeda, however, is firm on her statement and says that if the DNA tests are not matching with her than the police should find her husband and match his DNA with Bhoomi.

On the other hand Ex IPS, Sudhir Singa, said that the DNA reports cannot be suspected.


State Govt announce stock limit on edible oil , Gandhinagar

The Gujarat government on Thursday imposed stock limit on edible oil and oil seeds to control the hiking price of edible oil.

In case of oilseed, the stock limit is kept at 2000 quintals (a quintal is 100 kg) for wholesale stockists and 100 quintals for retail traders. As per the notification issued by the state government on Thursday, wholesale edible oil traders can now store up to 600 quintals or 4,000 tins (a tin of 15 litres) of edible oils, while the limit for retail edible oil traders is set at 45 quintals or 300 tins.

Narrottam Patel, Minister of civil supplies said that by imposing stock limit it will prevent the black marketing. He also added that they will not hesitate using PBM act against those who violates this notification.

However the leader of opposition Shakti Sinh Gohil slammed Government for not controlling the soaring price of edible oil.

Farmers have been exempted from stock restriction.


Rates of Flats in Mumbai are sky high, Builders blames increase in tax

Rates of apartments in Mumbai has become sky high making it difficult for people to buy their dream homes.
On the other hand builders says that one reason is the increase in population of the city whereas the other reason is increase in various kinds of tax such stamp duty, service tax, vat, labor tax, as well as increase in rates of raw materials.


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