The Gujarat government on Thursday imposed stock limit on edible oil and oil seeds to control the hiking price of edible oil.

In case of oilseed, the stock limit is kept at 2000 quintals (a quintal is 100 kg) for wholesale stockists and 100 quintals for retail traders. As per the notification issued by the state government on Thursday, wholesale edible oil traders can now store up to 600 quintals or 4,000 tins (a tin of 15 litres) of edible oils, while the limit for retail edible oil traders is set at 45 quintals or 300 tins.

Narrottam Patel, Minister of civil supplies said that by imposing stock limit it will prevent the black marketing. He also added that they will not hesitate using PBM act against those who violates this notification.

However the leader of opposition Shakti Sinh Gohil slammed Government for not controlling the soaring price of edible oil.

Farmers have been exempted from stock restriction.