ACB is taking strict actions against the corrupt officers who takes bribe. Interestingly, compared to last year the number of corrupt officers caught by ACB has increased. In 2009, 223 officers were caught taking bribe, in 2010, 218 officers were caught taking bribe. Compared to this in 2012 there are 70 cases filed till April itself and the total number of accused are 90.
Talking about April month itself than there are 15 cases lodged till now in which 5 cases of police department are filed and 8 accused are caught.
The cases of taking bribe are increased in Ahmedabad and Surat. Two major bribe cases of 2012 are one of DVSP of Surat, taking bribe of Rs. 1.5 lakh and the second was of an ONGC officer who was taking bribe of Rs. 4 lakh.