A youth was lured by lottery offer by a foreigner on internet. But with the alertness of the youth the entire racket was exposed.
Mitesh Shirishchandra Thakur works as an accountant in Magico Domar Resort in Ahmedpur Madvi of Junagadh district. He while surfing on the internet came to know that he has earned 1 crore rupees in lottery. Before three months he came into contact of BMW company while surfing, later he came to know that the company is offering him a lottery of 1.12 crore rupees. One Tony Morgan from London informed that he will be getting a draft from Citilink Courier United Kingdom.

Mitesh was asked to give money to collect this draft and he gave a total amount of 1.71 Lac rupees in three installments. Yet a group from London was asking additional 4.50 Lac rupees. Following this Mitesh contacted police. A man named Brone Johnson Thomas from London came to Ahmedpur Mandvi to hand over the money to Mitesh. He was having a kit for making duplicate dollars, from which he made 4 notes of 100 dollars and gave it to him. Later he said that in order to make more notes he needs a chemical for which he needs to go to Delhi. He asked 75 thousand rupees for this. At last, Mitesh contacted Junagadh Local Crime Branch and handed over the accused to the police.
As of now police has arrested Brone Johnson Thomas who is the partner of Tony Morgan, and has filed a complaint of making duplicate dollars and cheat. Police has seized his passport and kit for making duplicate currency alongwith the money and has started working towards informing Central Investigating Agency.
On the other hand the victim, Mitesh, says that he knew it from the very first the something is wrong but already trapped, he decided to teach them a lesson and at last with the help of police succeeded in exposing the fraudsters.
Fraudster Brone Johnson Thomas is having the passport of Republic of Botswana of Russia. He has the visa to come to India from 3-2-12 to 3-8-12. He on one hand says that he is innocent and on the other hand tries to point out finger at the complainant. As of now he entered in India from London.
Currently LCB has lodged a complaint of cheat and making duplicate foreign currency against Bron