Though team of actor Shahrukh Khan Kolkata Knight Riders won on Wednesday night it did not turn pleasant as accepted as the owner got engaged in a tiff. A scuffle which hit headlines of every news channel.

On Wednesday night the King of Bollywood and co-owner of Kolkatta Knight riders Shahrukh Khan had tussle with Mumbai Cricket Association at Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai. The actor said that he objected the manhandling of children by security officials.”I could not take manhandling of girls below 13 including my daughter Suhana, thus i objected and was pushed back by a bespectacled official. They abused me in Marathi, i too responded back” said actor.

MCA officials alleged that Shahrukh Khan was drunk and abusive, at this actor countered saying he is a social drinker and was not drunk as he came straight from his place to pick his children from Wankhede Stadium.