Documentary on the risk of using mobile phones, Mumbai

Lots of people have lost their lives because of mobile phones. Today people are so busy meeting their dead lines and they have been dependent on mobile phones that they use them at the cost of their lives. Looking at the current scenario, Arvind Kasera and Aan Singh has made a special documentary film.

In this film they have given instructions regarding the precautions people should take while using mobile phones. In the 4 minute documentary side effects of using mobile while driving or walking on roads can be harmful to themselves as well as others.


Son set parents on fire in order to possess their house, Boisar

It would be hard to believe that greed can lead a son to set his own parents on fire in order to acquire their property. Incident is of Boisar where a son attempted to kill his parents by setting them on fire. Sarita and Sadanand are retired school teachers. Their Son Paritosh wanted them to give away their house to him but when they refused to do so in fit of rage he set them on fire but fortunately they survived. While the couple fell asleep he locked them from outside and by releasing gas from cylinder he set the house on fire.

Neighbour informed police, police saved them by coming on time


PIL against strict rules for admission in school, Ahmedabad

PIL has been filed in Gujarat High Court after one of the city schools made new rules to give admission for kids on the basis of their height and weight. A kid must have more than 95 and less than 110 cm height to get admission in KG. Also, their weight should be between 15 to 20 kg. Because of this many students cannot get admission in this school. Because of this Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Committee has filed a PIL in High Court to challenge the rules.


6 female bootleggers nabbed smuggling liquor, Surat

Surat police nabbed 8 bootleggers among which 6 are women and 2 men. They were smuggling both country made liquor as well as foreign liquor. But after nabbing the 6 female bootleggers the biggest question in front of the police is their checking. This is because the police does not have female constables with them. And this is the main reason why since ages these female bootleggers have escaped from eyes of police. They get nabbed and because of lack of female constables the police has to release them. They themselves agrees that since last 25-30 years they smuggles alcohol. These female bootleggers used to attach the liquor bottles with their tummy with which they can look pregnant and can escape from the eyes of police.


Three nabbed for firing two rounds at BJP secretary, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Crime Branch nabbed three accused who were wanted by Rajasthan police. These accused before 15 days fired two rounds on Rajasthan Disctrict BJP Secretary and prominent builder, Motilal Dangi’s car. They went absconding thereafter and came to Gujarat. They accepted that they took contract of firing at the victim. One more accused is still absconding and police is in search of him.


Residents harrassed with the Dance Bar in area, Mumbai

Residents of Guru Nanank region are facing problem due to dance bar in their area. Residents have complained that when police raid bar call girls hide in their apartment forcefully. Also the customers visiting bar molest women of the locality.


Priyanka Chopra to promote DDB brand

Though none of the movies of Piggie Chop did well on box office recently she has reason to boast herself. A reason which has taken Priyanka Chopra ahead of three Khans of Bollywood. Actress Priyanka Chopra has become brand ambassador of DDB technology.
Earlier we have seen Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan endorsing DTH service but DDB is way too ahead of it. DDB is Digital Direct Broadcasting system which has receptor which receives satellite signal without set top box. Also with DDB one can use Television for internet browsing, can access facebook and twitter.


Agent cheated many people in name of luxurious cars, Rajkot

One nabbed who has cheated many people by luring with costly cars. He promised them to give luxurious cars that are in waiting and also took advance from many of seekers. But when he had to hand over cars he ran away. He has cheated three people in Rajkot where he took advance for the cars that were already in someone else name. Previously he has cheated many people in Dhoraji, Palitana, Upleta, Morbi, Rajula, Gandhidham, Jasdan, Limbi, Mundra, and many other villages of Saurashtra and Kutch.
The accused has till now sold 150 cars approximately. In Rajkot itself he has cheated more than 10 people.

He targeted luxurious cars of big brands and promised people to give them cars similar to the company’s price and took advance from them. He after getting nabbed said that he was trapped in debt because of which he did this.


Akshay Kumar stops Amitabh Bchchan and Salman Khan to vist ailing Rajesh Khanna

Super star Rajesh Khanna is in Leelavati hospital battling between life and death. Where everybody from Bollywood is eager to know the health status of Kaka it is is reported that his son in law and actor Akshay Kumar has kept Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan from visiting Rajesh Khanna. This created buzz in the industry but Akshay Kumar ended other developing speculation by saying that Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan will attract crowds which can disturb hospital management. Therefore he has asked them to visit Kaka at home.


Wife lodges complaint against in-laws for hiding AIDS status of husband, Khedbrambha

Girls alleges her in-laws for hiding that her husband was HIV Positive. He husband went to Allahabad for job leaving his wife in the village of Patan with in-laws. Afterwards the in-laws started torturing her for dowry.
Later colleagues of her husband brought him back because of his ill health and only then she came to know about her husbands health. Following this when she herself went for a check up it came out that she has also contracted the disease. Her husband died and the girl has lodged a complaint against her in-laws as she was tortured by them.


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