32 year old Ashok on 13 of May came to know that the man who brought him up is not his real father. His father, Ramchandra Bajaj, gave him an application in which it was written that because he is adopted he refuses to share his surname with him and dismisses him with all the rights of a son.

However, Ashok does not have any complain regarding his father, he says that this entire plotting is done by his uncle who want to possess the property of the family.
Interestingly, the fact that Ashok is adopted was also hidden from his wife Muskan. But his wife has decided to fight for her husband and make sure that the father’s name is not taken away from Ashok.

His wife has lodged a police complaint in Sardarnagar police station against her in-laws for dowry and mental stress. Ashok and his wife has decided to fight for their rights with the help of an NGO.