A 7 year old boy Rudra Sheth dies after getting stuck in door of the lift. This fatal accident has occurred in the Parshwa Apartment of Muglisara area in Surat. A 7 year old kid died by getting trapped in the lift of the apartment.
It was a horrifying incident in the evening where a kid was fighting for his life. When residents saw this, they immediately informed the fire department. When the fire officials arrived they saw that the kid was trapped in a very critical situation. His head was above the life whereas as the rest of the body was hanging below the lift. The fire department brought a hydraulic cutter and brought the kid out by cutting the lift. The boy covered in blood was sent to Mahavir Hospital.
Anger among the residents can be seen after this incident. They exposed the poor condition and maintenance of the lift.
The incident claimed life of an innocent kid. This needs further investigation which can reveal the irresponsibility of the building president as well as the poor maintenance. Also, this incident is a lesson for people which may avoid any such fatal accident in the future.