On Wednesday Tv9 reported the story of 73 year old Harishbhai and his wife Pushpaben,67, who were forced to live in old age home for 5 years as they were fed up with the daily hassles with their son and daughter-in-law.
Impact of the report was seen as the family was reunited because of the police complaint and the media broadcast. Sector 1 JCP Ajay Tomar visited Jeevan Sandhya old age home in Naranpura two months ago. He informed Naranpura Police station which helped elderly couple to get their home back. Within the few ours of this the son came back to take his parents. The son was guilt of his deeds for not calling her parents for five long years. But as it is said all’s well that ends well. A family was finally reunited and hopefully will live happily now onwards.