Panic was created in Aambawad village of Junagadh when a parcel exploded which inured a woman. At 7:45 morning when family of Jaysukhbahi was having breakfast, his wife Gulab ben checked a parcel which they received two day ago from Post Office. The parcel exploded as she opened it. She sustained injuries in hand and face, was shifted immediately to a private hospital of Ahmedabad.

Soon after the incident Bomb Squad , LCB, SOG and Police team reached the spot. In parcel explosive battery, explosive powder and circuit is found.

From last many days Jaysukhbhai family was receiving threat calls from unknown person. The phone calls started coming soon after Jayeshbhai’s son Bhavesh married to Chetan. It is suspected that one side love could be reason behind it. Police has traced the mobile number of the unknown person and is investigating in the direction.