On Wednesday three Union Ministers of UPA landed in Ahmedabad. P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid and Ambika Soni addressed Media. Home Minister P Chidamabram said that Central Government has also contributed in economic development of Gujarat alone BJP can not take the credit.

Ambika Soni attacked state government on issues of missing children in the state and claimed that malnutrition among women in India is 51%, the figure of Gujarat is 55%. In 2000, malnutrition among children was 75% but now it has risen to 80%, much higher than the national average. Vibrancy comes when women and children of the state are able to stand up on their own

On this State cabinet spokesperson Jay Narayan Vyas said that the figures of malnourishment handed out by the Union ministers were also not true. The malnourishment in Gujarat was 44 per cent in children, while in the national malnourishment figure stood at 53 per cent.