Near Pavagadh dead body of a lady was found. On police investigation it has come out that the woman is from dabhoi. She was missing from June 22.
When she went missing her four year old son also went missing. But only her dead body is found thus suspense on her son missing is still prevailing.

The Body was found 2000 feet below, as it had fallen from such it was difficult to identify the body. She was identified from the tattoo on her hand written Rekha
and Vijay. Along with body a bag was found which had a mobile number through which her family member was contacted. The body was in such condition which could
not be send for post mortem, thus police send it for cremation.

The deceased is identified as Rekha who was married to Vijay Marwadi of Nadiad. They have two son from their marriage. Mother and sister of deceased has alleged
that she was tortured by her in laws. Sister of deceased Rekha has revealed that her married life was not going well and she was having affair with Shabbir.

It is reported that she was seen last with Shabbir at Vadodra Bus station on June 22. Thus it is is suspected that Shabbir could be responsible for murder.
The mystery of Rekha’s death and her son missing is yet to be solved.