Few days ago a shocking incident came into the light when a man abducted a baby girl from CST railway station. The entire incident was captured in CCTV camera because of which the girl was traced and saved. Now a similar incident has occurred where at Dadar railway station a 6 month old girl was abandoned by a woman. The unknown woman asked a passenger to hold the baby for a while as she needs to answer nature’s call, but she did not come back. Hence the passenger handed over the baby to police station who after waiting for a week sent the baby to an observation home. A complaint has been lodged against the woman who abandoned the baby.
While the woman left the baby on the railway station and the entire incident was captured in CCTV camera installed on the railway station.
The incident occurred on 16th July on platform no. 7 where the lady very cleverly handed over the baby to a passenger predicting to go to toilet.