Four day old baby abandoned at Surat Railway Station

A four day old baby was found out from platform number 4 of Surat Railway Station. The baby was crying when commuters saw the baby and handed over to the railway police. The baby admitted at New Civil Hospital at Surat where staff is taking care of the baby. Whereas police is in search of the parents who abandoned the baby mercilessly.


Boy makes charger that charges 5 mobile at a time, Valsad

A 9th standard boy, Shaswat Patel, invented a hand chargers that has the capacity to charge 5 mobiles at the same time.
Shaswat lives in Daman and is also a brilliant at studies. He with the help of a CD writer made this hand charger. The charger does not need electricity and hence this makes it very useful for the places where there is no electricity.
Shaswat has also cleared three out of five exams of Iken Scientifica and his father is confident that Shashwat will make to NASA by clearing all the five exams.


Booze party in farmhouse busted, Valsad

Booze party was going on in a farmhouse in Bhilad of Valsad when police raided the farmhouse. In the house police arrested 7 women and 6 men. These people were dancing after consuming liquor.
The women in the crime came from Mumbai whereas the 3 men were from Surat and 2 from Mumbai. Investigation is still going on to reach to the organizer and owner of the farmhouse.


Patients’ woes as power failed in L G Hospital, Ahmedabad

Since Friday night there was a power failure in LG Hospital, Ahmedabad. This has only added to the woes of the patients who were forced to leave there beds and go out of the hospital.
The power did not resume for more than 24 hours.
The patients, their family members as well as as the hospital staff were troubled by the situation. The most poor condition was seen at ward no. 1 and 2 which are the children’s ward. The darkness, heat as well as mosquitoes were what that harassed patients the most.


Police raid high-profile party, 300 arrested, Pune

Pune police raided Maya Lounge in Wagholi, where they busted a high-profile illegal booze party. They arrested four party organisers and booked 300 youths, including 110 women, who participated in the party.
The lounge is owned by teh wife of an ATS officer in Wagholi area of the city.
The police searched the venue and seized illegal foreign liquor valued at Rs10 lakh.
However, the arrested women accused police of misbehaving. The women were freed after medical tests when men were questioned in detail.
Further investigation is going on in the case.


Youth trapped in deep gorge of Pavagadh hill rescued after 20 hrs, Vadodara

A youth from Halol named Bharat Bhatti went to Maa Kaali temple located at the peak of Pavagadh. On his way back his leg slipped and he went down rolling in the 3000 feet deep gorge on Pavagadh hill. Lucky was he as he grabbed some bushes and found a small rock on which he could rest. He tried and called one of his friends who later informed the entire incident to Bharat’s family.
The firemen and district administration reached the spot later. They tried to locate Bharat by failed to do so as he couldn’t specify his exact location. By Saturday night, Vadodara firemen too joined the rescue efforts along with city-based mountaineers.
However, due to heavy fog the operation was suspended for few hours. By Sunday morning Bharat was located and with great efforts was rescued after 20 hours.
However, he was completely tired and upset and also suffered fracture on his hands and some other minor injured. Hence, he was rushed to a nearby hospital as soon as he was pulled out from the deep gorge.


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