2.5 cr insurance cover for Lord Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi.

2.5 cr insurance cover for Lord Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi.


4 held for tampering marksheets by CID (Crime), Gandhinagar

CID (Crime) arrested 4 accused who used to tamper marksheets of standard 12. These accused used to increase the marks in the students’ marks.
As soon as the results were announced these people used to tamper the marksheets and increase the marks.
The accused used to charge 20,000 to 50,000 per subject and has by far earned 1 cr out of this business.


7 child labours rescued from a factory, Ahmedabad

Police raided a zari factory at Amrapali area of Ahmedabad. During the raid police discovered 9 labours among which 7 were child labours and 2 aged above 18. On interrogating the 2 labors it was found out hat most of the child labours hailed from Bihar. There families sent them here to earn money. These kids get food, clothes here and are sen there out of poverty. The families of such kids get Rs. 1500 – 2000 per month.


Uddhav Thackeray slams Digvijay for his claim that Thackerays hailed from Bihar

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh said the Thackeray family itself belonged to Bihar and had settled in Dhar in Western Madhya Pradesh from where they migrated to Mumbai. Digvijay said “If you look at the history of Mumbai, then it is a city of fishermen. Rest all have settled there from outside.”
He said that he had a book written by Prabodhankar Thackeray, grandfather of Uddhav Thackeray, and it is written in the book that the Thackeray’s hails from Bihar.

To this, executive president of the Shiv Sena, Uddhav Thackeray said that, “What my grandfather has written does not refer to my family, but to the entire Thakre community which lives in Bihar,”
Uddhav Thackeray went on to say that Digvijay is a ‘madman’ and that ‘he was busy washing dishes for and Italian’ hence he has lost ability to think’.


Woman held hostage in her own house since 13 years, Ahmedabad

Shirley Hodges married Pakistan National Gul Mohammed 13 years ago after falling in love. But her dream of love and happy marriage doomed soon when she landed in Pakistan. Shirley hodges who became Shabnam after marriage has been held as hostage along with her two daughters by her own husband in Karachi.

Shirley aka Shabnam met Gul Mohammed in Ahemdabad, they fell in love with each other and got married on 23/05/1998. But when she reached Karachi she came to know that Gul Mohammed is already having a wife and six children.

Shabnam has alleged that from last 13 years she has been kept captive. Gul Mohammed has locked her on the fifth floor of his multi storeyed house. Her two daughters Chandani and Sanjana Khan are also kept captive. Shabnam had no means to contact with her famil in Ahmedabad. Only three months ago through a family friend in Pakistan Shabnam’s family managed to give laptop to Shabanam. Now through internet Shabnam is able to contact with her family members.

Noel Hodges, brother of Shabnam has sought help from Gujarat and India’s Human Right Commission to save her sister from the torture of Gul Mohammed. Indian Embassy in Pakistan has been contacted for the same. Along with Noel entire Hodges family is hoping return of their beloved daughter. But they also fear threat for Shabnama’s life.

She has two daughters with Gul Mohammed, Chandani Khan aka Dolly and Sanjana Khan are longing to be with their Nana and Nani in Ahmedabad.

Daniel Hodges 78, has grew old , his eyes are waiting to see their daughter back and safe. Shabnam’s mother Sheela Hodges grieves daily for her daughter grand daughters.

Tv9 reporter managed to talk with in house hostage Shabnam in Karachi via internet. Shabnam said that her life has become hell out there


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