Narayan Rane likely to become CM of Maharashtra

After Maharashtra Industries Minister Narayan Rane met Sonia Gandhi it is being speculated that he could become the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra state.


Murder mystery of Don Mukesh Babaji solved by Rajkot Police

When Infamous Don Mukesh Babaji was found murdered police suspected gang war behind his murder. But on investigation surprisingly the killer was the husband of Don’s lover. After divorce Jayesh’s wife started living with Mukesh Babaji which could not be digested by him. Hence Jayesh gave contract of killing to a gang of Dahod. However police successfully solved the mystery of the murder and has arrested the accused.


Dearth of Tamil, Marathi and Sindhi language textbooks, Ahmedabad

Students are facing dearth of textbook and they are fearing this could affect their result. Textbooks of Marathi, Sindhi and Tamil are not available in market as result students of respective medium school are facing difficulty in studying at home without textbooks.

Parents are also worried and have complain that government is doing nothing for the problem.


Watch crocodile locked in Police Lock up, Bodeli

At Bodeli police station large number of crowd embarked to catch a glimpse of unique inmate in Jail. At Bodeli police station a crocodile was locked up in police lock up. In Bodeli in wee hours chaos was created in village after a crocodile surfaced. Villagers some how managed to catch 5-6 feet long crocodile. But as there was no place where the crocodile could be kept it was taken to police station.


Girl commits suicide in MLA’s hostel room, Mumbai

On Tuesday a 27 year old woman committed suicide in the hostel room of an MLA in Mumbai.The woman is identified as Rupali Andhare, who was living with his brother in the hostel. The hostel is of Nationalist Congress Party MLA from Madha Dilip Dhaigunde is the uncle of deceased lady.

According to police sources, Ms Andhare was unemployed and was suffering from depression. This could be reason behind her suicide.


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