Alive Ganesh Mushak kept with the idol, Surat

Alive Ganesh Mushak kept with the idol, Surat


Woman commits suicide following dowry torture by in-laws, Mumbai

A married woman in Mumbai committed suicide as she was tortured for dowry by her in-laws. She left a suicide note behind in which she clearly mentioned that she was locked up in a small room and was tortured both physically as well as mentally.
The in-laws of the deceased asked for flat as well as car which the poor lady was not able to afford.
On the basis of her note and complaint of her family, police has arrested her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law.


Ganesh Idol that looks like Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrapur

A Ganesh idol which looks like Mahatma Gnadhi is not disbanded since lasat 72 years in Chandrapur of Maharashtra. The idol was made in 1940 and is kept in the Gandhi Sewa Samiti of Chandrapur since then. The idol was made by some youths who were highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.


Police held 4 in truck stealing scam whose network was operated from jail, Vadodara

On Friday Vadodara police arrested 4 who were involved in stealing trucks and selling them into scraps. The incidents of truck thefts has increased since quiet sometime and finally the gang was nabbed by police.
But interestingly, the entire network has its roots in the jail. The mastermind behind this has a partner who is serving his term in Ahmedabad jail after was convicted in the Godhra riots case. Both of them used to plan the entire crime of how to steal the trucks. And the entire network was running right from below the nose of the police and the entire crime was planned via phone calls. These accused used to turn an entire truck into scrap in mere 2 hours of time.
The nabbed accused has confessed their crime and their interrogation is still going one.


24 child labour rescued by an NGO, Ahmedabad

An NGO, on Friday, rescued 24 kids that were working as child labours in a biscuit packing factory in Naroda.
The Child Line NGO got information about this illegal activity and informed the police alongwith whom they raided the factory.
All these kids are from poor families and are forced to work at this age to earn money.
The 24 kids were kept in one small room and they were forced to work from 8pm to 8am where they were packing the biscuits packs.
Moreover, these kids were given Rs.150 for working for 12 hours per day and many of them did not even receive money since a long time. Shockingly, the child labors were also beaten if work was not done properly.
The kids hails from UP, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh and are aged between 12-16 years.


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