Aschool bus rammed into woman who was going on the bike in Sarthana area of Surat. The bus was of P P Savani School and was returning after dropping students home. During this the school bus hits a woman who was on the bike at Kamrej road. The woman sustained injuries. The residents got angry at such irresponsibility of the driver. As a result of this the agitated mob set bus on fire. The bus driver and cleaner managed to flew away. However no student was present in the bus.
Fire department reached the spot as soon as they were informed about the accident. Also, Kamrej police rushed to the spot and started controlling the agitated crowd of miscreant mob. For this the police did a minor lathi charge as well in order to control the mob. The miscreants left their bikes on the spot fearing police and their lathi charge. The police seized more than 25 bikes and detained 10 people.