Now social security cards for diamond merchants, Surat

Surat Diamond Association and Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council has decided to allot social security cards to diamond artists. Work for preparing security cards has been resumed, on October 1 MoU will be signed.

Surat Diamond Association has taken this decision so that a data base of diamond artist can be prepared. Person holding this status card would be able to take advantage of all the state and central government policies.

Diamond artists have welcomed the decision and have registered their name to procure the social security card. Artists are happy that finally they will get a status card which can be used for official work.

In 2008 nearly two lakh diamond artists became unemployed due to recession, at that time state and Government wanted to help them but due to lack of data base they could not do so. With the Social Security card diamond artist wont be deprived of such advantages any more.


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