Nalin Bhatt rejoins BJP

Former Cabinet Minister Nalin Bhatt rejoined BJP on Saturday. Puroshttam Rupala gave warm welcome to former cabinet minister and also said that BJP is open for all the members who has once left BJP.


Anna Hazare Targets Kejriwal in his blog

Anna Hazare has distance himself from Arvind Kejriwal and India Against Corruption organization too. In his latest blog Hazare said, “I have personally not taken a single penny from the money collected. IAC is responsible for it.” Hazare also said that he would neither form a party nor support any candidate in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. “Some would try to use the name of the movement and I wish to warn the people not to fall prey to such tricks,” the blog said.


Lord Ganesha’s Grand send off

Sunday was the last day of Ganesha festival. Devotees across the state bid a grand good bye to their favorite Lord Ganesha. Idols were immersed in holy river with pomp and taking promise from Lord Ganesha to come back soon next year.


Duo of Uncle and Niece arrested for VISA scam, Ahmedabad

Duo of Uncle and Niece were detained on London Airport as they were caught red handed with duplicate Visa. Now they are in custody of Sardarnagar police station and investigation is Underway. It is reported that the duo took off to London with six month visa in 2008. Though the visa expired they did not return back to India and stayed in United Kingdom for six long year hiding from police.

But when they realized the pressure of security Agencies of UK they decided to return back using duplicate visa. According to police officials a person named Gurmeet has helped them in getting duplicate VISA


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