Like every year this year also people of Rupal celebrated palli with great enthusiasm and pomp. It is said that the tradition of celebrating
Palli exits from last 5,000 years. Rupal Village located near to Ghandhinagar, it celebrates unique festival on the ninth day of the great festival Navratri.

On the Ninth day villagers take out huge procession of Goddess Vardayani Mata in a chariot in which thousands of devotees participate. People of village take out the Palli from the middle of the village and palli stops at 27 spots in the village. Each spot is having tons of Pure Ghee or Clarified Butter kept ready to pour on the “Palli” Rath. This tons of Pure Ghee is donated by the millions of people who come to this small village to visit the Palli and take blassings of Mata Vardayini.

Unfortunately this year for the first time rampage took place during the procession in which a woman got killed and four injured. Injured
people were immedia