Kesar Kofta Curry & Curd Magic Balls, Part 2

Kesar Kofta Curry & Curd Magic Balls, Part 2

Kesar Kofta Curry & Curd Magic Balls, Part 1

Kesar Kofta Curry & Curd Magic Balls, Part 1

Veg Kebab & Khadiyawadi Gharevada, Part 2

Veg Kebab & Khadiyawadi Gharevada, Part 2

Veg Kebab & Khathiyawadi Gharevada, Part 1

Veg Kebab & Khathiyawadi Gharevada, Part 1

Boom in Winter cloth market

Winter wear market is booming with the onset of Winter.

Boom in Winter cloth market

Winter wear market is booming with the onset of Winter.

Girl set ablaze for dowry, dies during treatment, Mumbai

A girl was set ablaze by her husband and mither and father in law for dowry on November1, she sustained critical injuries and died after two days during treatment. The victim is identified as Heena who got married to Altaaf two year ago in Mumbai.

It is reported that soon after marriage she was tortured by husband and his parents for dowry. But when she failed to satisfy their dowry hunger they killed her.

Police has arrested the trio under section 302.

In Laws gave poison to woman and her three year old daughter, Ahmedabad

Dragon of dowry and gender discrimination is still overshadowing our nation.In Ahmedabad a woman along with her two year old daughter was admitted to Civil hospital as they were given poison by her in laws and husband.

Nikita got married Bharat in 2007, after there year of wedding she delivered a baby girl but due to some complication her womb was removed by surgery. Due to womb removal she could not conceive in future, which was not taken well by her in laws side. She was subjected to torture and was constantly asked to bring dowry.

But she failed to fulfill their demands her in laws gave poison to her and two year old daughter Krishna.

Both are admitted in Civil Hospital. Nikita has made her brother write a letter in which she has mentioned that if anything happens to her or her daughter her husband and in laws will be responsible for it.

Man killed wife for having extra marital affair, Surat

In Surat on Sunday a man allegedly killed his wife for having extra marital affair. The accused is identified as Dhananjay and wife name was Nagmani. He is native of Andhra Pradesh and was working in a factory of Surat to earn livelihood.

On Primary investigation it has come out that two month ago Dhananjay along with his wife and kid visited his native state. There he discovered that his wife had affair with a youth before marriage and after wedding also she was having relationship with another youth.
When they returned back to Surat Dhananjay asked his wife to bring her affairs to an end. Two day ago Nagmani got a call from his lover which ignited fierce fight between the couple. Miffed Dhananjay killed his wife by strangulating her and fled away. But in few hours he was caught by Surat Police from Railway Station.

Salman Khan at the launch of Book ” Gandhi and Cinema”

Dabang of Bollywood Salman Khan was recently spotted at an event to launch a book entitled “Gandhi And Cinema” by Jayprakash Chowksey in Mumbai. Along with Salman Khan other member of his family father Salim Khan and mother Salma Khan along with Helen showed up at the event.

Other bollywood personalities veteran actress Kirron Kher, directors Subhash Ghai and Mahesh Bhatt were spotted too.

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