5 Star luxurious bus, Rajkot

5 Star luxurious bus, Rajkot

Accused who attacked Cong leader Badruddin Shaikh arrested, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad police on Thursday was able to arrest Land Mafia, Hanif Gotiwala attacker of Congress leader Badrudding Sheikh from Dhodka region.

Earlier this week congress leader Sheikh was attacked while he was attending a marriage ceremony. It is reported that congress leader had scuffle with land mafia on parking issue. Hanif Gotiwala along with his two son attacked Sheikh by sharp weapon.

Initially congress leaders alleged that the attack was the part of political conspiracy. Now as the main accuse is arrested the actual reason of attack may come out.

Fire in a paint factory, Bangalore

t was a normal day for the people of Bommanahalli in Bengaluru on Thursday. Suddenly, flames and huge clouds of smoke were seen. A massive fire had broken out. A godown of Berger Paints near Electronics City was on fire.

The thick black clouds of smoke and raging fire caused panic. The fire reportedly spread to two adjacent buildings which included a garment factory too. Fortunately there was no one inside in the factory when the fire began.Initially, 12 fire engines arrived at the spot but they could not bring the fire under control. Additional help was sought and a total of 26 fire engines battled the fire. But even after 2 hours of struggle, the fire still raged. Nearby buildings were evacuated as a safety measure.
Bommanahalli corporator Chengappa said that the paint godown was illegal and the owners had not taken permission from the BBMP.

A large crowd had gathered near the paint factory. Some of them helped the fire fighters by handing them buckets of water.Eyewitnesses at the spot said that huge amounts of turpentine and oil were stored in the godown. They also added that the godown did not have a watchman or fire extinguishers.

In conversation with Naresh & Hitu Kanodia on speculation of joining congress

It is being speculated that Kanodia family who had long association with BJP is likely to join congress party. Naresh ad Hitu Kandodia talks candidly on Tv9 on it.

Arjun Modhwadia calls Narendra Modi a monkey

Congress Chief of Gujarat Arjun Modhwadia on Thursday compared CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi to a monkey.

While addressing a rally in Surendrnagar Arjun Modhwadia Said ” “He is like a monkey who is challenging the king of jungle to a duel from the top of a tree. He should know where he stands. King of jungle will not climb the tree but the monkey will have to come down to the land some time,” he added.

By saying that he equated Manmohan Singh as Lion and Narendra Modi as Monkey sitting on the top of the tree challenging the Lion.

On this statement BJP refused to to comment but estranged leader of BJP and presently leader of GPP Keshu bhai patel backs the statement of congress leader.

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