Police busted factory making duplicate Mava, Ahmedabad

Ahmedbad Sector 2 police busted a factory manufacturing duplicate mava and confiscated 700 kg adulterated mava. Police has arrested six accuse while main accuse is absconding.

Rangoli on the theme of Proud of Heritage

On the theme of Proud of Heritage, Jaydeep Mehta residing in Heritage house of Ahmedabad has made beautiful Heritage Rangoli. The size of Rangoli is 11 by 6 feet.

Narayan Sai alleges conspiracy to defame Ashram

Narayan Sai son of religious head Asaram Bapu speaks on summons of probe commission in pursuit of mysterious death of two kids and allegation of black magic and occult practices in Ashram

Narayan Sai appeared before Probe Commission, Ahmedabad

On Sunday son of spiritual Guru Asaram Bapu, Narayan Sai appeared before Probe Commission that is probing the death of two students of Asaram’s gurukul, Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela. The boys were found dead on the banks of the Sabarmati close to the gurukul. Their parents had then alleged that they were victims of black magic being practised in the ashram.

Corruption and Systemic Change – Target of Anna’s new team

On Sunday Anna Hazare announced his new revived team of 15 members. While addressing media person the crusader announced that Corruption and systemic change will be their target.

Happy Diwali from your favorite Tv Stars

Your Favorite TV Stars wish you safe and
Happy Diwali

Rakhi Sawant hit back at Digvijay Singh says he is out of his senses

Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday tweeted “Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. They both try and expose but with no substance,” which has certainly left the controversy queen irked. However Digvijay Singh later in the tweetapologized to Rakhi Sawant for drawing the comparison. “Apologies to Rakhi Sawant I am an old fan of hers!,” he had tweeted.

Reacting to it Rakhi Sawant said ” He has gone out of his senses. Considering him a smart and intelligent person, I was a big fan of him, but today he attacked me. He used my shoulder to fire on Kejriwal. He shouldn’t compare me with Kejriwal bhai,”

She also added “”On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, when people gift each-other something nice, he (Digvijay Singh) has given me such a present that I will never forget. I will also give him a return gift, let him wait.”

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