Modi questions delay in execution of Afzal Guru on twitter

On Wednesday accuse of 26/11 Ajmal Kasab was executed. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi demanded similar action for Afzal Guru. On his twitter page, Modi wrote, “What about Afzal Guru, who attacked Parliament, our temple of democracy, in 2001? That offense predates Kasab’s heinous act by many years.”


Congress releases candidates list for Assembly Election 2012

On Wednesday Congress released first list of 52 candidates who will contest for Assembly Election scheduled to poll on December 13 and 17. Gujarat Congress chief Arjun Modhwadia and Congress Legislative Party leader Shaktisinh Gohil figure in the first list of 52 candidates announced Wednesday for the state assembly polls Dec 13 and 17.


AICC Withdraws second list of candidates for Gujarat Assembly Election

The AICC had announced two lists of 52 and 46 candidates separately on Wednesday but second list of 46 candidates were immediately withdrawn after two hours of release.


MLA filed nomination before declaration of candidate list by Congress, Junagadh

Talala MLA Bhagavan Barad who is seeking re-elections filed his nomination as a party candidate even before the congress declared its list of candidates.

“My astrologer had informed me that today was an auspicious day and if I filed nomination now my victory chances were bright. I did not want to miss the day, so I decided to file my nomination.” he claimed that his name was cleared by the high command and was informed about the decision that he was contesting from Talala, said Barad


Eight Buffaloes electrocuted to death, Bharuch

On Wednesday eight buffaloes were electrocuted while grazing in Ankleshwar. An electric pole was hit by a truck as a result live wire was all over. Despite of complains wires were not removed in time. The poor grazing buffaloes came in contact with live wire and died.


Celebration in Mumbai as terrorist Ajmal Kasab hanged

Celebration in Mumbai as terrorist Ajmal Kasab hanged


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