Abdul Hakim, 29, who had appeared on Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate to speak out against khap panchayats was gunned down in his Bulandshahr village. He is survived by his pregnant wife, Mahwish, 24, and 18-month-old daughter.
His wife claims that this is an honour killing and that her family members are behind this murder.
They eloped in 2010 and were living in hiding after getting married. However, they had just returned to their village when Abdul was shot dead. The wife claims that police did not listened to them despite their various attempts. The couple wrote 48 letters to Bulandsehar police concerning threat from the girl’s family members. Additionally the court also directed police to give them security but it failed to do so.
But on the other hand the police claims that this murder was he outcome of a personal rivalry and not honour killing.
Police as nabbed two in relation to the case.
Central Government has asked an explanation from UP Government in the entire case and has condemned the incident.
Meanwhile, Aamir Khan, who was promoting his film Talaash in Jaipur on Monday, expressed shock over the incident.

“It is disturbing and unfortunate. We will speak to the government and ensure the safety of his family members,” he was quoted as saying.