Thief left note behind about returning the stolen amount after getting a job, Anand

An unusual incidence of robbery has took place in Anand where even after theft no FIR is lodged as both police and complainant has trust on the robber.

On Wednesday priest of Badiya dev temple was surprised after reading note on Notice board. The note was written by robber that ” Jhuth Bole Kauwa Kate, I am taking only rupees 10,000 and will return it as i get the job”. The priest trust the robber as 2 lakh cash was there in temple despite that he took only 10,000 rupees. Priest has not lodged complaint.


Gang cheated women by luring with easy subsidy loands, Nadiad

Women of Waso village of Nadiad have been duped in name of Subsidy loan. A cheater gang consisting of a man and two women cheated 20 women of village by taking them in confidence. The master mind of gang is identified as Hasmukh Pandya.

After winning confidence of women he made bogus affidavit of them and took rupees 5,000 from each. The gang stayed in the village for quite some time thus none of the villager was skeptical about them. But soon they realized that they are duped thus filed police compliant.


Blast during shooting of Gujarati Film, Kheda

While the shooting of a Gujarat movie was going on an accident occurred. A scene was been shot where the heroine was pointing a gun towards the actor and was supposed to shoot. But because of the irresponsibility of the fighter the shooting turned fatal. The fighter kept a bigger cracker downward and because of this where a small blast was expected instead a huge blast took place. In this the cast and crew sustained minor injuries. Fortunately no body has major injuries but this could have turn fatal.


People getting poisonous water since ages, Kheda

Since many years the villages of Kheda are suffering as the canal provides contaminated poisonous water. The crops of the farms are withering due to this contaminated water. Residents says that this is due to the chemicals that are flushed from factories and industries of GIDC of Vatva and Odhav areas. The water is not only dangerous for man but this water is also affecting animals drastically.
The farmers have complained many times to higher authority by no action is taken yet. Before 11 years the farmers went to High Court for the same reason and at that time this water was stopped for 5-6 years. But later the water started once again.


Damage of crops due to pollution in canal, Kheda

It seems that farmers are suffering due to outcome of Industrialization. Chemicals from Industry in Ahmed is discharged in Kharikat canal which had damage crops in large abundance. Despite of repeated oral and written complains to irrigation department nothing has bee done so far to end their woes. Eleven years ago plea was filed in HC against it by farmers. Judgement came in favor of farmers. But from last five year again the discharge of chemical is continued by industry.

The polluted water is not only hazardous for crops but cattle as well. –


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