Liquor recovered from inmate of Bharuch Jail

3 Liquor bottles were recovered from an inmate of Bharuch Jail. Till now mobile, tobacco and other such things were recovered from jails that exposed the irresponsibility of the jails. But this time liquor is found from the jail. A youth was roaming outside the Bharuch sub jail in suspicious manner following which the guard he immediately informed B division police. When police interrogated 3 bottles of liquor were recovered from him. The youth is a former inmate of this jail and the one who is imprisoned called him and asked for this liquor.


Rising sea level is a threat to people’s life, Bharuch

During the tides it is likely that the nearby villages may swept away because the sea level has increased because of global warming.
Similar is the situation of Mota Faliya where 15-20 families resides. Their lives are at stake and they have applied government to help them.
However, forest department says that because of the rain water in rivers have resulted in this. They have also prepared a project to build a high trees in 12 villages that will help save the people during such times.


Alertness of villagers foiled Hunters’ attempt to steal turtle, Bharuch

Ratan lake of Bharuch where rare species of turtle live is soft target of hunters from South India. On Wednesday a group of hunter tried to steal turtle from the lake. But alertness of villagers foiled their plan and they fled way. Forest department is investigating in the matter.


Open wires and Transformers in Bharuch

open wires and Transformers captured in TV9 camera. open wires and DP can be dangerous for anyone. GE Board Executives not taking proper care and people suffering for electricity several times. Executives admits that 760 points are dangerous and Repairing work is going on.


One nabbed for mixing spurious coal in original, Bharuch

Police has busted a scam in which duplicate coal was mixed in the original coal. The main accused is nabbed. These people used to make two trucks of coal by mixing the duplicate coal in on truck filled with the original coal. This illegal act was done with the consent and partnership of the truck drivers.
Transporters informed the police about this practice following which the police busted this entire scam. They used to mix spurious coal in the original one while the trucks are on the way to GNFC.


Bank security guard nabbed for smuggling weapons, Bharuch

Bharuch police has nabbed security guard of SBI Bank in bogus weapons and there bogus license case. 14 other security guards were also nabbed and the main accused Naresh Maharaj was absconding. But finally is traced by the police. Police has seized illegal weapons from the accused. On interrogating he revealed how the illegal business is practiced freely in Etawa of UP.


ATM Machine without Security Guard Stolen, Bharuch

Thieves stole an entire ATM Machine of SBI Bank. The ATM center did not had a security guard. There were only inbuilt cameras and CCTV Camera inside the center among which the CCTV Cameras were not working. The ATM machine was fixed with the help of mere 4 bolts.
It seems that the thieves already knew about the poor security of the ATM machine. The visuals captured in the inbuilt cameras are not very clear.


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