લોકશાહીના પર્વ સમાન ચૂંટણીમાં લોકો વધુમાં વધુ મતદાન થાય તે માટે પાલનપુરના એક કલાકારે કાગળમાંથી રમકડાં બનાવ્યા છે. અને મતદાન જાગૃત્તિની ઝુંબેશ શરુ કરી છે.




સૌથી મોટી લોકશાહી ચૂંટણીમાં લાખો કરોડો મતદારો મતાધિકાર અંગે ઉપેક્ષા સેવતા હોય છે. ત્યારે આવા નાગરીકોમાં મતદાન અંગે જાગૃતિ લાવવા બાળકોએ મતદાન જાગૃતિ અભિયાન છેડયું છે. બાળકોએ પોતાના સ્વજનોને ફરજીયાત મતદાન કરવાની પ્રતિજ્ઞા લેવડાવી છે.


School bring awareness among students about Dengue, Ahmedabad

As dengue has hit the Nation it is required that awareness should be brought by which prevention can be taken. In a school of Ahmedabad teachers are trying to make their students through live demonstration and various other presentation students are made aware of dengue malaria and other water borne diseases.

Mango Festival to spread awareness among people, Junagadh

A unique mango festival was held at Surajgadh of Sasan in order to spread awareness among people. More than 80 varieties of mangoes were there in this festival. 108 farmers from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and various other states of India participated in this festival and presented unique variety of mango of their state.

National and international mango experts were also present in this festival and expressed concern about the extension of varieties of mangoes.

People were amused at the very sight of different kind of mangoes and many mango farm owners were also present in this festival who took tips from the present farmers. The festival will continue for 3 days and has became center of attraction for everyone.


Get test of thalassemia alongwith matching horoscopes, says pandits, Bhavnagar

Now along with marrying people and matching their horoscopes, the pandits are going to make them aware regarding thalassemia. The disease is increasing with each passing day. They were given training for making people aware about having thalassemia test. There are 250 thalassemia patients in Bhavnagar and in Gujarat there are 10,000 patients of thalassemia. Hence it is a process to stop or control the disease. The pandits that matches the horoscopes of people now will also advice to undergo the test for the betterment of the people.


BJP’s ‘Kisan Chetna Yatra’ from 6th April to bring awareness, Gandhinagar

Gujarat BJP to organize Kisan Chetna Yatra from 6th of April which is the birthday of the party. BJP target central government by saying that that lift of cotton export is conditional.
The yatra will start from 6th April and will continue for the entire month. During this they will spread awareness among farmers regarding their rights.
On the other hand Congress party says that this is merely a political stunt of BJP party and will also organize similar program for the farmers.


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