Injustice to Dalit Family in Bhuj – Tv9 Gujarati

A Dalit family of Bhuj went on fasts for cutting off the electricity. Inspite of complaining lot of times, G.E.B officials are not responding.

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ભુજના હંગામી આવાસ વિસ્તારમાં રહેતા લોકો પારાવાર મુશ્કેલીઓનો સામનો કરી રહ્યા છે. સ્થાનિકોને પાણી, રસ્તા અને લાઈટની સુવિધા નથી મળતી. જે અંગે તંત્રને વારંવાર રજૂઆત કરવા છતાં કોઈ નિરાકરણ ન આવતું હોવાની ફરિયાદ ઉઠી છે.


Illegal gun factory busted in Bhuj, One arrested – Tv9 Gujarat

In Bhuj , SOG seized Illegal gun factory. Police got tip-off about the factory which was running in home, Police raised at the place and the whole act busted. Now he is in police custody and the further investigation is going on.


Terror of Dengue increased in Bhuj, 3 died so far

In last one month 3 people have died due to dengue in Kutch. More than 30 cases are registered positive for dengue. The number of patients is yet increasing in Kutch. Health Department is taking necessary measures to control the disease. This is the outcome of dinginess and sewage in areas that increases mosquitoes.
Residents are angry towards the authorities as they do not clean the dinginess in areas and also do not take steps to save them from mosquito bites.
However, though late but the authority has started working towards controlling measures.

Gang that robbed various temples nabbed, Bhuj

6 of a gang who were accused of stealing in temples, bike thefts as well as barging in ATM center are nabbed. The accused confessed of stealing in 36 temples, 3 bikes and broke an ATM center in Bhuj. Police has recovered lord’s crown, ornaments, idol and cash from the thieves. It is expected that more valuables will be recovered from them. However, police is still on a look out of the other 5 members of this gang.


5 Heritage Buildings likely to be sabotaged in Bhuj

Old Court, Fateh Mohammad Room, Old Mamlatdar Office, Jubilee Hospital, and Old KDCC Bank, these 5 historical buildings have dilapidated. As a result of this authority has decided to demolish these buildings before any misfortune accident occurs.

However, resident leader have opposed this decision and have blamed that this poor condition of historical building is because of the irresponsibility of government. Bhuj citizens have submitted a memorandum letter to the collector asking for giving a second thought before demolishing this buildings. They also said that because of this the number of tourists will also decrease.
On the other hand the collector said that he will have a word with the Executive engineer and then decision will be made.


Earthquake striked during midnight, Bhuj

During wee hours of Tuesday Gujarat state was shaken by earthquake. At 1:45 pm people felt the shock, the epicenter of earthquake was in Rann. According to Geologist of Kutch it was not after shock but a fresh earthquake. After earthquake during midnight around 27 after shocks were felt till 10 am in morning.

However Seismology department of Gandhinagar has said that possibility of quake in future is less.


8 nabbed for hunting 21 pigeons, Bhuj

8 people are nabbed from Ranjansar village in Bhachau for hunting pigeons. They killed pigeons and ate them. These hunters are laborers who are in Ranjansar for last 20 days for putting power line in this area.
Residents checked the decreasing amount of pigeons and found about this hunting.
Forest Department interrogated 8 laborers who hailed from Jharkhand and accepted that they hunted pigeons for eating. Investigation is going on as to how many pigeons are hunted for this purpose.


After Jamnagar Satellite Phone recovered from Bhuj

At first a satellite phone recovered from Jamnagar as a result of which it was suspected that terrorists have entered the State. And now one more satellite phone is found from Mandvi of Kutch. The satellite phone was found from Chetak Ship that came from Dubai. This kind of phone is banned in India. Gandhinagar FSL will be send there who will investigate the phone and its usage.


NREGA scam surfaced in Bhuj, alleged 300 crore scam

Dhori villagers have alleged that in the name of NREGA scheme 300 crore scam is done by officials. Roads are not made, job cards are not allotted but entered in records. They have alleged that contractors and government officials are involved in it.When DDO was asked regarding this he said that proper investigation will be carried out after verification of allegations.


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