School bring awareness among students about Dengue, Ahmedabad

As dengue has hit the Nation it is required that awareness should be brought by which prevention can be taken. In a school of Ahmedabad teachers are trying to make their students through live demonstration and various other presentation students are made aware of dengue malaria and other water borne diseases.


Increase in cases of malaria and dengue due to rain, Ahmedabad

Where already there were numerous cases of malaria, jaundice, dengue and other diseases, the recent rainfall in the city has only increased in theses numbers. The dinginess caused by the rains has increased the cases where everyday 40-50 cases are registered in Civil Hospital. Similar is the situation in the cases of dengue.
Measures are taken by the administration to control this epidemic.


Wife lodges complaint against in-laws for hiding AIDS status of husband, Khedbrambha

Girls alleges her in-laws for hiding that her husband was HIV Positive. He husband went to Allahabad for job leaving his wife in the village of Patan with in-laws. Afterwards the in-laws started torturing her for dowry.
Later colleagues of her husband brought him back because of his ill health and only then she came to know about her husbands health. Following this when she herself went for a check up it came out that she has also contracted the disease. Her husband died and the girl has lodged a complaint against her in-laws as she was tortured by them.


Increase in number of diseases due to extreme heat, Ahmedabad

There has been a tremendous increase in number of diseases such as Cholera, Jaundice, Malaria and others, due to extreme hot temperature. Municipal Health Department officials are also stunned with this increase in the numbers of patients. According to sources, the number of diarrhea patients is 404, jaundice 172, typhoid 115, cholera 02, malaria 337, virulent malaria 07 and total 8 cases are registered of dengue among which 2 died.
People are falling victims to disease spreading with contaminated water and unhygienic food products. Authority is taking the necessary measures to stop this increase in the diseases.


Beta thalassemia major Kid needs 12 Lakh rupees for operation, Ahmedabad – Part 1

Gaurav is suffering from beta thalassemia major disease since he was 6 month old. According to doctors there is only one hope for him that is Alloganic Sibling Stem Cell Transplant (Bone Marrow Transplant) from his 2 and a 1/2 year old sister, Aayushi. But the operation cost 12 lakh rupees which his family cannot afford. The kid is struggling hard everyday to live his life. He cannot play for long and has to take injections regularly.


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