Parents of 4 month old girl abandoned at railway yard found, Ahmedabad

On Sunday a four month old baby girl was found abandoned at Railway yard in Puri express train. After two day a couple who hail from chhatisgarh and work as labour has claimed that she is their daughter.

The girl was kept in Mahipat ashram after she was handled to Railway police by onlookers. According to mother she did not left her but when she stepped down from the train to fetch water keeping baby inside, by the time she returned train left the station. Father was taking ticket at that time. However girl will be handled to them after DNA test.

Youth held for making crank calls to female lawyers, Surat

On Thursday Surat police arrested a youth for making crank calls to female lawyers of Surat District Court. The accused is identified as Mahesh Rana who is booked for bike robbery in 2003. He was produced in court for the hearing at that time he some how took the numbers of female lawyers.

He used to call them and talked obscene stuffs with them and switch off phone after that.


Female Post Agent went missing after taking money from many, Ahmedabad

A female post agent, Ansuya, went missing leaving account holders worried about their investments. The people used to deposit their money with her and they even did not got a satisfactory answer from the post office following which people started gathering in front of her house as well as office where they saw them locked up.
The staff of Ansuya entered people’s money only on card and did not deposited the amount in the post account. There are almost 800-1000 account holders.


Woman caught abducting child, thrashed by Mob, Ahmedabad

In Juhapura region a 35 year old woman was caught by the local whild abducting 4 year old boy on Thursday, 22rd March.

Mob thrashed the woman and after that was handed to police. On Investigation it was found that the lady could not speak local language as she is Bengali. It was revealed that the woman is native of West Bengal and also possessed a Sim Card.

She is identified as Saleha. She attempted to abduct 4 year old Ishaan in auto before that local public caught her. Aslali police on quizzing found that she is a beggar and has bank account. Aslali Police and Ahmedabad Rural crime branch are Jointly probing in the matter.


Man Eater Panther caught, Veraval

People of Kanja village in Sutrapda Taluka were under the terror of a man eater female panther that hunted two kids in one month. The panther is finally nabbed.
People were not able to come out of their homes out of fear and also they are agitated at the forest officials.
However, Forest department nab these animals and take them to Sasan Animal Care Center where after check up they are released in the forest. But these animals come back to their original places.


Female Home Guard murdered, Ahmedabad

A female guard, Majula Parmar, was found dead in her brother’s house. Her body was found naked in mysterious way. She was married before 2 years, later she got divorced and married for the second time and after her second husband died she came to live with her brother. But later her brother also died and she was staying alone.
Actual reason behind her murder will be revealed after the post mortem report, said Police


Female Fetus find from Loo of Govenment Hospital, Akola

A female fetus was found at the washroom of of Government Hospital in Akola. The dogs tarted biting the fetus. Alert people saw dog carrying the fetus in mouth, they took it away from the dog and handed in to the hospital. Post Mortem was done which revealed it to be a female fetus and has registered a case against it. There has been an increase in abortion of female fetus in Akola and now this incident has only proved it. Police has also detained sonography machines of hospital.


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