Dengue Hit Gujarat

Many positive cases of Dengue has been noted in different regions of Gujarat State.


Increase in cases of malaria and dengue due to rain, Ahmedabad

Where already there were numerous cases of malaria, jaundice, dengue and other diseases, the recent rainfall in the city has only increased in theses numbers. The dinginess caused by the rains has increased the cases where everyday 40-50 cases are registered in Civil Hospital. Similar is the situation in the cases of dengue.
Measures are taken by the administration to control this epidemic.


Civil Hospitals of Surat and Rajkot are flooded with patients

Following the rains there has been an outbreak of diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc. in Surat and Rajkot. Dinginess caused by the rains have resulted in this epidemic. Looking at the figures there has been a drastic increase in the number of waterborne disease and those caused by mosquito bites. In civil hospitals of both Surat and Rajkot there was same situation.


Outburst of Jaundice, 35 cases in a single area, Ahmedabad

There has been a drastic increase in the waterborne diseases this summer. In Rajivnagar area of Ahmedabad, residents are harassed with the contaminated water and waterborne disease. There is an outburst of jaundice in the area and approximately 35 cases of jaundice are registered till now. Doctors themselves are accepting this but the authority is still negligent towards this.
There is no cleanliness and hygiene in the area and the contaminated water is the main reason behind this condition of the residents.
There are 300 families living in this area and their lives are at stake. When our team visited the area we found that one in each family suffers from one or the other disease. The government as well as private hospitals are flooded with patients.
When our team reached the area, authority started working towards cleaning the water and the area. The authority also distributed chlorine tablets in the houses.
When contacted the corporator he ensure that the water that is supplied is pure.
However, residents very clearly says that since many years the area does not receives pure water. This was accepted by the Primary Health Officer.
This was the first time that the drive of purity of water took place in this area for which residents thanked our team.


City under threat of waterborne diseases – Part 2, Ahmedabad

Health Department says that no Municipal Corporation will be able to provide water to people after 15-20 years, due to indiscriminate construction. Also the gutter pipelines have become old and even after spending money behind them it wont make any difference in the waterborne diseases. Ahmedabad is on the top in registering malaria cases.


City under threat of waterborne diseases – Part 1, Ahmedabad

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of diseases that are caused by water and mosquitoes. Though there is still time for monsoons to arrive people are catching the disease.
A meeting of health department was organized in which shocking information regarding malaria was revealed. Doctors says that people are dying as a result of cold, cough, as well as normal fever. It was discussed that instead of Contagious diseases people are dying as a result of normal fever. Also they experts said that in cases of malaria many people do not complete their entire course because of which the disease hits back. Then number of malaria is increasing amongst people.


Epidemic of waterborne diseases, Ahmedabad

As a result of extreme heat during summer this year there has been an increase in the diseases that are caused by water and mosquitoes. Hence hospitals are flooded with patients. Talking about the number of diseases in Ahmedabad since January to April than there are 1271 cases of diarrhea and vomiting, 1604 cases of normal malaria, 163 of virulent malaria, 60 of dengue, 1225 of jaundice, 409 of typhoid, 3 of cholera and 2 of chikungunya are registered. Two died of dengue as well.
All these figures describe the outburst of diseases in the city.


Civil Hospital flooded with patients, Ahmedabad

With increasing heat the number of diseases is also increasing. Every day one or the other person is admitted in Civil Hospital complaining of fever, dehydration, vomiting, etc. The number of jaundice, typhoid, cholera and malaria is increasing. Apart from this the number of skin diseases is also increasing. Patients at Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad has seen a tremendous increase in the number of patients everyday.


Increase in number of diseases due to extreme heat, Ahmedabad

There has been a tremendous increase in number of diseases such as Cholera, Jaundice, Malaria and others, due to extreme hot temperature. Municipal Health Department officials are also stunned with this increase in the numbers of patients. According to sources, the number of diarrhea patients is 404, jaundice 172, typhoid 115, cholera 02, malaria 337, virulent malaria 07 and total 8 cases are registered of dengue among which 2 died.
People are falling victims to disease spreading with contaminated water and unhygienic food products. Authority is taking the necessary measures to stop this increase in the diseases.


AMC drive to control Malaria in City, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has started a drive to kill mosquitoes. With increasing heat the number of diseases, especially in March month increases. In March month the number of malaria cases was 406 in which 5 people died whereas in April month till now a total of 112 cases of Malaria has registered. The Corporation is keeping a keen eye on food units.


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