Veraval port traffic jam

સાંકડી મઢી અને બાવા જાજા આવું જ કંઈક જોવા મળી રહ્યું છે, વેરાવળ બંદર પર. 800 બોટના પાર્કિગની ક્ષમતા ધરાવતા વેરાવળ બંદર પર 4000થી વધારે બોટ હોવાના કારણે ટ્રાફિક જામ જેવા દ્રશ્યો સર્જાયા છે. તંત્ર દ્વારા પાર્કિગની જગ્યા ન ફાળવાતાં માછીમાર સમાજમાં રોષ જોવા મળી રહ્યો છે.

ટૂંક સમયમાં માછીમારોની સીઝન પૂર્ણ થવાને આરે છે, ત્યારે ગુજરાતમાં સૌથી મોટા બંદરમાં નામના ધરાવતા વેરાવળ બંદર પર માછીમારોની બોટને દૂર પાર્કિગ કરવાનું શરૂ કરી દેવાયું છે. જો, કે પાર્કિંગની જગ્યાના અભાવે માછીમારો મુશ્કેલીમાં મુકાયા છે. વેરાવળમાં ફિશીગ સાથે ચાર જેટલાં ગ્રુપ કાર્યરત છે, જેના કારણે પાર્કિંગને લઈ દર વર્ષે વિવાદ સર્જાય છે… જો, કે આ વર્ષે તંત્ર દ્વારા માછીમારોને પાર્કિંગની જમીન ન ફાળવાતા માછીમારોમાં રોષ ભભુકિ ઉઠયો છે.




ગુજરાતના નંબર વન વિકાસના નેતાઓ ભલે બણગા ફૂંકતા ફરતા હોય પરંતુ જૂનાગઢ અને ગીરસોમનાથ પંથકના લોકોમાં હાલ રોષ ભભૂકી ઉઠયો છે. વેરાવળના જાલેશ્વર વિસ્તારના માછીમારોએ રોડ-રસ્તા અને પાણીના પ્રશ્ને મતદાનનો બહિષ્કાર કર્યો છે.


Veraval : Kin perform last rite of effigy as body of missing fishermen not found yet – Tv9 Gujarati

Family of Fishermen are inconsolable in Verval as their sons are dead but their bodies are not retrieved yet. Hence they performed last rite of effigies.


African style Garba – must watch, Veraval

In Veraval one can witness a different style of Garba which is performed by a community called seedi badshah. It is said that the community hail from South Africa but was brought in India by Nawabs. On Navratri they are called to showcase their different style of Art.

Spectacular wall painting depicting History of Somnath at Somnath temple

If you are planning to visit Somnath temple then along with the darshan you will be able to witness beautiful wall paintings which depicts the history of Somnath. Eleven artist from across Gujarat has made these paintings. Spectators are happy seeing such sight.


Lion terror increasing in villages, Veraval

Terror of lions has increased in villages of Veraval. Recently lion hunted cow of a farmer and despite the villagers watching them the lions shows no sign of fear and continued their feast. The farmers and shepherds are threatened with this unwanted attacks of wild animals. On one hand lack of electricity and on the other hand terror of wild animals has made people’s lives miserable.


Mother of the newborn baby found from thorn bushes nabbed, Veraval

On Sunday a baby boy was found from thorn bushes. He was critically injured following which he was admitted to hospital.
Following the case police started search operation of the baby boy’s mother. And finally they succeeded in tracing the mother. Ramiben allegedly threw away the baby because he was her first husband’s child whom she divorced. As she was married for the second time she feared that the baby may harm her second marriage and hence for this she decided to get rid of the baby.
Now she regrets her deed and police will be handing over the baby to her. But if Ramiben will refuse to accept the baby that the police will send him to Shidhu Mangal. However, if she will accept him even then there is not guarantee whether she will harm him in future or not.


Boat overturned during the Nauka Vihar of Asharam Bapu, Valsad

In Kosamba a Nauka Vihaar program was organized by Asharam Bapu Ashram. On the coast of Kosamba scores of devotees gathered to enjoy the boat ride. But due to over load on the boat it turned and all the devotees fell in sea. With the help of local devotees were evacuated. It is reported that one is dead and one is missing. However it is learned that the Ashram did not take permission from sub division magistrate before organizing the boat ride.


Fishermen returns back from Pakistani Jail, Veraval

It was a moment of celebration for the family members of 18 fishermen who were imprisoned in Pakistani jail since last three years, returns back to home. These fishermen were abducted from the border area and they were handed over to Indian Government on 23 May and they were brought to Veraval in a special bus.
However, they are still 457 fishermen are in the jail and these fishermen wishes that they may also get free as soon as possible.


Lioness rescued after great efforts, Veraval

A lioness was trapped in a loop while searched for prey. The farmer when saw the lioness immediately called the forest department officials who after one hour long rescue operation freed the lioness. After great efforts the officials rescued the lioness and sent her to Jasadar animal health center.


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